Bachelor in Business Management Pathway Marketing

The BA (Hons) Business and Management is a highly sought after programme due to the high employment demands in the job market. The programme is taught entirely in English over a duration of 3 years.

The programme aims to prepare students with the skills and knowledge to operate as successful managers, within the ever-changing world of modern Business and Management.  

The Academic department endeavours to provide students with a learning experience that is stimulated by and reflective of these changes. We consciously seek to integrate theory and practice and this includes a variety of work placement opportunities.

In this programme students are taught different modern Marketing methodologies to build and run successful marketing and media campaigns, students are also taught marketing strategies and the latest Digital Marketing techniques to successfully manage online marketing.

Programme Overview

British Programme

Our programmes are offered in partnership with the prestigious Cardiff Metropolitan University. Students are expected to follow the standards of the British Curriculum offered by the partner university in the UK. 

It is important for students joining SIST to understand that the British Education System is vastly different from other systems, students are taught independence in learning and are dealt with as responsible adults who hold the responsibility of their own growth and learning.

Research Based Education

Our programmes are taught in the same manner as in the UK. Students are thus expected to carry out research using Cardiff Met e-Library of over 50,000 Resources. Assignments are handed using Cardiff Met Moodle Platform as in the UK.

SIST Students have access to the E-library of Cardiff Metropolitan University, which contains over 50,000 ebooks and research articles. Students will find articles and books for every assignment topic assigned to them and thus are expected to conduct proper research and referencing using the Author-Date or also referred to as the Harvard Referencing method. 

Course Specialisation

Our students pursue 3 years of Business Management studies with practical learning methods.

The first year is dedicated to acquiring fundamental and essential knowledge for the rest of their studies. Students also have the chance to study different core modules that would allow them to experiment with their knowledge and strengths to decide on the best specialisation for them. 

In their second year, students choose their pathway, students choosing Marketing will continue their studies in a class with students with Marketing major only. 

For their third year, students have the opportunity to continue their studies with our partner University Cardiff Metropolitan University by applying for the ERASMUS Plus Programme.

Students are also able to transfer to Cardiff Metropolitan University starting from the first year on their own funds. The majority of our students complete their Bachelor studies here with SIST and opt for a Masters abroad. 

Bachelor in Marketing Modules

International Foundation Year Diploma - Level 3
  1. Business Communication
  2. Developing English Skills
  3. English Grammar
  4. Advanced English Skills
  5. Business English Grammar
  6. Foundations of Mathematics
  7. Study Skills
  8. Academic Writing
  9. Introduction to Business
  10. Introduction to Accounting and Economy

Level 4 (Year 1)

  1. Business in a Global Context
  2. Introduction to Marketing
  3. Foundations of Law
  4. Finance for Managers
  5. Managing People and Organisations
  6. Introduction to Information Systems
  7. Personal Development Planning

Level 5 (Year 2)

  1. Contemporary Issues in Political Economy
  2. Business Operations and Improvement
  3. Business in Action
  4. Work Experience with Personal Development Planning
  5. Research Methods for Business
  6. Consumer, Culture, Commerce
  7. Integrated Marketing Communication

Level 6 (Year 3)

  1. Strategic Management
  2. Leadership and Change Management
  3. International and Global Marketing
  4. Strategic Brand Management and Effective Advertising
  5. International and Global Marketing

Is International Foundation Year a Requirement?

The International Foundation Year is optional for students who meet the English Language requirement to join the Bachelor (BA) directly from Baccalaureate.

Why choose SIST?

International Diversity

SIST students can transfer to the UK at any time. given the nature of the programme, they are studying with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) and thus can apply to continue their studies with any European university or English teaching university using the ECTS system. Watch this video from a SIST student who transferred to Cardiff Met to continue his Master studies

Personal Development

What a wonderful experience to be a student, to learn and grow through a fantastic journey where you’ll make friends and develop yourself tremendously within a span of 3 years. We welcome students of all backgrounds and from around the world creating rich and diverse student life on campus. See more on Student Life here

Awarding a British Degree

SIST Alumni are all around the world. From Ghana to China, United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, The Netherland, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, New zealand and more. Our Alumni are global business leaders highly regarded around the world for their commitment and dedication to better any business they take part in. See our Alumni Book here

Here's what our students say

What comes after the Bachelor Degree?

Master Programmes and Employment.

After graduating, students can opt for a Masters programme at SIST or abroad or decide to integrate a Job immediately after graduating. SIST accompany the students to apply for the Master’s programmes abroad and hosts Job day every year for our graduating students to meet our partner companies that are hiring every year SIST graduates. 

Degrees Awarded - Double Degree Programme

This programme is accredited by the Moroccan Ministry of Higher EducationScientific Research and Professional Training to award grade ‘BAC+3’. which is the official Moroccan undergraduate BAC+3 degree in Moroccan higher education. This accreditation makes our students eligible for Master and graduate-level programs, both in private Moroccan universities and abroad.

Our students are also awarded the British Degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University which is recognised worldwide and allows students to pursue their studies with both private and public universities abroad. 

Tuition Fees

Registration Fees: 4000 DH 1st Semester Tuition Fees: 27,500 DH 2nd Semester Tuition Fees: 27,500 DH Total: 59,000 DH (Per Year). The same tuition fees are applicable to all our Bachelor programmes. You can download the fees structure for all our programmes for October 2020 intake here: SIST Tuition Fees Structure

How to apply?

Would you like to apply for this programme? please send the following required documents scanned to your desired campus *Admissions emails listed below:

1)-  Baccalaureate diploma

2)- Baccalaureate Transcripts

3)- Motivation Letter

4)- Copy of ID