5 Reasons why I will miss studying at SIST

I hope to share my experiences at SIST with the reader here.I recommend studying at SIST if you are pursuing a career in business. SIST is a great place to study, and you should take the maximum advantage from what your three years as a student will offer you. The student status is your function and gives you a certain value in society, but you won’t be a student for long. Thus, I recommend getting as much work experience while studying at SIST.If you can keep up academically, which mainly means that you should not skip any classes (and you will be fine). Perhaps the one thing I should have done more of while studying at SIST was acquiring work experience. I recommend all pathways.They are all created equally, but if you already have in mind,which masters programme you would like to pursue,then pick the pathway that corresponds.Now for those lovely five reasons you were led to believe I was here to share.

The five reasons why I will miss studying at SIST are:
1. If you attend class and you study well, you will get good marks .This will help you a lot when  applying for a masters program. A side benefit is that you will feel good about yourself, and   that’s important to keep your morale up and keep you moving forward.

2.Having teachers that are professionals in the field that they teach is a tremendous benefit as they will let you in on how the reality of what you are learning on your slides plays out in   real life.

3. The cleaning staff is great and so is Hicham , manager of the coffee shop.Their attitude is great,and they always speak with respect and treat you with importance. It was a joy to see them everyday and even more so now that I only come occasionally to visit.

4.You will find people that think like you. Sure,not everyone will think like you, but you’re in a private business school with other people who are also interested in business.You might find a potential business partner, an amazing teacher that doesn’t stop helping you and if you are lucky, find a special and rare friend .

5.Studying business will help you in life in general,so you won’t regret it; Being not sure what   you want to study at University is also a good reason to study business. There are those who   came already knowing that they are interested in business, but by the end, either way, most people figure themselves out.

I hope you also find your personal reason(s) for why you miss studying at SIST when you graduate. Best of luck on your journey of making something out of yourself. It’s just starting!

Mohamed Slaoui
A SIST Finance graduate

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