SIST Youth Club

Every day, millions of children around the world miss out on the joy of childhood. Instead of playing with toys, they deal with poverty, malnutrition and disabilities. That’s why SIST students officially joined ,this year ,the national association JLM « Jeunes Leaders Marocains « The SIST JLM team are now devoted to work in projects that will be oriented for the common good. The main objective of this Moroccan initiative is to engage students to work in socioeconomic projects to maintain sustainable development.

Sport Club

SIST believes that a healthy body leads to success, practicing sport is one of the crucial habits that help students to enhance their concentration and stamina .SIST sport club is divided into two clubs: football club and basketball club.

As students are fans of football, which is the most popular sport in the world, they enjoy in this club the passion to play their favorite hobby and to compete with other universities football teams.

SIST has opened the basketball club to offer students another choice to join the sport club that fit their preferences.

Students Union

SIST student union carries out a wide range of activities for their colleagues; they are responsible for organising events, providing help and guidance for students and represent the university in many different national and international events.SIST students who are members of the student union learn through this experience the skills of leadership and how to think outside the box. Also, students learn how to cooperate with one another with a great deal of solidarity and team spirit.


SIST Care is a non-profit organization founded by SIST students in the aim to help all the people in need and make them feel that they are not marginalized by the society.SIST students experience in SIST care the real meaning of collaboration and team spirit that aim to help persons in need . Participating in social events enables SIST students to exercise their duties towards their community and to reveal the traits of citizenship. Also, the core objective of living these everlasting experiences is to work for the common good of their society, encountering situations in which they collaborate with others to reach the same goal, and to improve the quality of our environment.

In SIST, you don t only enrich your intellectual background but you also transmit your humanitarian side into righteous and honorable actions that fulfill your self-esteem. SIST does not welcome you in her campus to be just a typical student but to be a human being who cares for the world.