Job Day

During the academic year, SIST organises a Job day for SIST students and alumni .This job day provides an excellent opportunity for students to connect directly with the participating companies and network with them in informal meetings.

SIST Job Day attracts many companies from different industries and their participation offers to SIST students the chance to bridge the gap between their academic pathways and the professional world.

Also, SIST Job Day hosts conferences that are delivered by the pioneers in the consultant & recruitment sector. The last conference was given by Mr.Mohammed Ghallam, the director of Anapec Agency.

During the Job Day,the following three activites take place :

  • Students attend the presentations of the presenting companies.
  • A buffet is served in the cafeteria that helps the students to interact informally with the companies’ representatives.
  • Students are invited to visit the companies’ stands to have further information about their career opportunities and to build relationships with them.