5 Habits of Successful Students

For better results at university, you need better habits at university.  Habits are powerful, and shape the direction of our lives.  

Here are five habits you should work to develop while at university:

1.Get involved in school activities.  Every school has a lot happening OUTSIDE the classroom, and it’s often the best part of school!  Sports teams, associations, student government, clubs…getting involved may not have a direct impact on your grades, but it will definitely increase your enjoyment of student life.  Getting involved will also help you develop crucially important soft skills like communication, leadership, time management, and teamwork – things that you need in life, but may not learn in class.  AND it’ll improve your CV, and build your network for your future career. Your school doesn’t have the club you’re looking for? Then start it!

2.Put your phone away.  Phones can be a major distraction, and we often pick them up when we’re bored, or avoiding something difficult.  If you’re struggling to understand something your teacher is saying, there’s a huge temptation to escape to social media.  Don’t do it! The classroom is your chance to learn new concepts and ask questions, not just get marked “Present” for attendance.  If you check your notifications during a class, your mind will be distracted by the new information, and you will suffer “attention residue”…it can take up to 14 minutes to reach the level of concentration you had before looking at your phone.  Multi-tasking is a myth! When you get to class, put your phone on airplane mode, and leave it in your pocket or purse. You can reply to all your messages and count your latest Likes at the break.

3.Take notes in class. Believing you can listen to a 1-hour lecture and remember all the key points is unrealistic – we need to write down important information or we are likely to forget.  Taking notes helps you pay attention, follow the lecture, and better understand what the teacher is saying.  This also helps you remember what the class is about, and gives you something to review so you can prepare for the exam.  Make sure to write the notes in your own words – don’t just copy down what the teacher says, (that’s passive). Instead, write down what it means and how to apply it!  That’s ACTIVE learning and will help you retain the  best ideas for your future.                                                               



4.Stay healthy at school.  Your brain is contained in a body, and you’ve gotta take care of your body if you want your brain to work well!  You need to drink water so you’ll be hydrated, you need to control your tea, coffee & cigarette consumption so that caffeine or nicotine doesn’t hurt your ability to concentrate, and you need to eat HEALTHY snacks REGULARLY, rather than eating cakes, cookies, chips etc, or missing meals so that you’re low on energy!  If you have a class right before lunch and you’re STARVING, that means you’re running out of fuel…your brain is on Empty and you can’t learn much! Have a healthy snack at the break to keep your brain fueled up. 


5.Use the time AT school, FOR school.  If you spend 40 hours a week either in class, studying, or doing assignments…you’ll barely have homework or need to study for exams.  Treat your student life as a full-time job! When you’ve got a gap between classes – don’t waste that time – study! When your classes don’t start until 11am – don’t waste that time – work on an assignment!  Put in your 8 hours a day and you’ll enjoy most evenings & weekends without all the stress & pressure of those who procrastinate. 

For more tips, watch the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9inCAJL2pA&t=5s

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