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SIST JLM is often referred to as a club but in my view it’s more of a family. I am the type of person who does not like to be controlled by someone else. I am a natural born leader so becoming the JLM president provided me with the opportunity to immerse myself into leadership. I have learned a lot on this journey including and not limited to problem solving and teamwork. The goal of the JLM is to train and mentor young students . We began our collaboration with JLM in 2016 and since then we have changed the lives of numerous individuals.

Our projects include :
● Campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer.
● Renovation of a primary school.
● National caravans
● SDF operation
● Collection of donations for families.

Our very first project was in collaboration with the APAS Association. We took kids to amusement parks and the sound of their laughter was like music to my ears. Thereafter we participated in the tenth edition of Operation SDF which work to help homeless individuals integrate back into society. This was a massive success because we distributed over 2 tons of clothing and over 100 blankets. In addition to that, the homeless individuals had the opportunity to have consultations with medical doctors , a luxury that they could not afford prior to our operation.We also participated in 2 national caravans , one in Imouzzer and the other in Ouarzazate. This project had our highest budget with a budget of approximately 140,400 DHS . This caravan included medical consultations and distributions of medical equipment and distribution of blankets , and clothing. I was pleased to get sponsored by 5 companies, namely, 2M , Afriquia Gas , SIST , Jumia and EMSI . Our last project to date was during Ramadan where we offered iftar hampers to the needy .

I admit , we have made some mistakes but it has been a blessing in disguise and I have learnt a lot. My goal for the JLM team in the upcoming semester is to make sure that we do not repeat our previous mistakes and get more students involved. I want us to organize and launch our first very own caravane , “ Caravane Nationale SIST“ and to double the amount of projects from last year .

El Mehdi Benmoussa
SIST JLM President

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