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International Foundation Year

Pre-University entry programme for Baccalaureate students. Allows students to adapt to the British Education System and choose the right bachelor pathway.

NCC Foundation Year

For students aiming to study in the UK. NCC Foundation Year programme allows a vast choice of British Universities to choose from.

Business & Engineering Bachelor

Cardiff Metropolitan University Bachelor Programmes, you can start in Morocco and continue in the UK at any time.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Cardiff Metropolitan University Part-time MBA programme for professionals.

Join SIST Associate College of Cardiff Metropolitan University in Morocco

October 2021

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In Support Of SIST British Education

British Ambassador – HE Thomas Reilly

“Education is a Journey, it takes you from nothing to something, it is the most important gift we can give ourselves and our children, it is the future of your country, it is the future of the economic development of your country. It is for you the way in which you develop yourselves and become the people you can be. it is a way of developing yourselves and achieving your potential. Education is everything.“

Mr Tony Reilly – Director of British Council

“The 250 new Cardiff Met graduates (2019), acknowledge the significant and meritorious contribution SIST has made over the past 18 years, to Morocco’s socio-economic development, and in particular the important role that SIST’s partnership, 10 years old now with Cardiff Metropolitan University. has been nurturing Morocco’s talented next generation over the last decade. Morocco’s ambitious vision 2030, highlights the critical importance, of high-quality education, and equipping young people with 21st Century Skills. Morocco’s progress as a nation and development will be powered by young energy and young thinking”.

Professor David Brooksbank – Dean of Cardiff School of Management

“The Degrees that you are getting, our degrees from Cardiff Metropolitan, that each of you will now hold, are quite rightly renown throughout the world, and we at the university are very careful to ensure that our partners, are able to deliver a very high standard of University education and this is certainly the case with SIST, it is an excellent institution in every way and the university has been enormously pleased with all aspects of the courses that are taught here, the teachers, the administration and the support services. and this means that you as graduate can be confident that your qualifications will be highly regarded in any country in the world”

British Consulate General of Morocco

“The UK does offer the best education in the world, I think at the moment we have three of our universities in the top 10 in the world. We work very closely with the British Council, and we also work closely with a local education provider, SIST British Education, they are an organization which has been operating in Morocco for a number of years, they have a well-established programme in Rabat, in Casablanca and Tangier… SIST already works in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK, so there’s already that direct tie in with well established UK universities.”

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