When and Where do the Sports activities take place?

Our students benefit from having a coach dedicated to their sports day. Friday afternoon is free for all our students to enjoy sports activities. Basketball is one of the most fun our students have, both girls and boys participate in the game in a fun and still competitive way.

When you join SIST, during your first week you will be invited to join the sports activities. All our games take place at rented facilities which provide the best equipment for our students to have a fantastic time.


What sport activities can I participate in?

We encourage our students to take on healthy athletic activities to support their education. Many of our students participate in football, basketball, dance, horse riding, yoga, badminton, tennis and more.

The Students’ Union and SIST work in partnership to support the student sport and recreation experience at SIST and students are encouraged to lead a healthy and active lifestyle whilst studying at SIST.

The students’ schedule allows free time for athletic activities during the school days.

Does SIST have a Football team?

Yes, all SIST Campuses have their own football team. We arrange a competition across campuses teams between SIST Casablanca, SIST Rabat and SIST Tangier football teams. Our students also participate in national universities competitions. Both Moroccan and International students can try out to join the football team.

How do I join SIST?

SIST offers fantastic learning and growth opportunities for students across the world. You will be pleased to hear that we have 2 intakes at SIST, you can either join us in October or in January. To apply for the upcoming intake, we invite you to visit the admission page here >>