SIST Student Life in Morocco

SIST and Cardiff Metropolitan University team work closely to deliver a great academic experience to the students. Our lecturers are quite modern and encourage the student’s challenging perspective.

As you are studying at SIST, you are expected to develop your academic skills as well as your entrepreneurial skills, by joining clubs and societies and Student-run organisations you are sure to live an outstanding student experience and to develop your skills in communication, presentation, negotiation, debating, time management, project management and leadership skills.

SIST Events



SIST Hosts a Job Day yearly. Our Company partners join us to meet with the students and propose different internship and job opportunities.


SIST Students organised a first edition of the British Festival Casablanca, celebrating British culture, food, and music. All natives living in Morocco are invited to attend and encouraged to participate.


Another decade and the global village are still at the heart of SIST. Huge Thank you for AIESEC Morocco for introducing us to such great multi-cultural event. Out International students have a great time sharing their culture during this event.


SIST organised the first edition of English Language Speakers Conference in 2019 at the Sheraton Casablanca. Hosting 200 delegates and six speakers. The conference theme was “Unleash Your Superpowers” and served to help English speakers unite around a personal development experience that some described life changing.

Extracurricular Activities

Our students enjoy a variety of activites and events.We encourage our students to organise seminars, conferences and host events which help them sharpen their orgnisational and leadership skills.

SIST Clubs & Societies

Jeunes Leaders Marocains is a 100% moroccan non-profit organisation that aims to develop the entrepreneurial skills of students by leading projects that serves the concept of sustainbale development, it also aims to work on social actions that can definitely help people in need. A student community of SIST has joined the JLM initiative to get into practice their social entrepreneurship knowledge and learn leadership skills. Studying business management has enabled SIST students to acquire all the academic tools that can be applied in managing different kind of projects. SIST JLM team has succssed to manage many social projects the national level,JLM is not only an association that helps the students to improve their leadership skills but also an opportunity to learn how to become an efficient team player. Would like to get more information about SIST JLM association, please contact our Student Union: [email protected]
AIESEC is the largest youth run organization, present in more than 120 countries with a network of +40.000 members. As an organization with more than 70 years of existence, AIESEC strives to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind potential by developing leadership in youth. SIST has officially signed a partnership with AIESEC to encourage SIST students to become one of this international association that aims to help student to learn-by doing, exploring and developing leadership potential, working in teams .By joining AIESEC, SIST students apply to pass internships in different countries and get an international expertise in the fields of their academic studies. At the end of SIST British curriculum, our students receive an international degree and international work experiences as well. Would like to get more information about AIESEC, please contact our Student Union: [email protected]
ENACTUS is a student-run association, dedicated to creating a better world while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators. The Enactus network of global business, academic and student leaders are unified by one vision—to create a better, more sustainable world. An organisation like ENACTUS will enable you to be creative, innovative and to be an action taker - skills that are key for any business leader. Would like to get more information about SIST JLM association, please contact our Student Union: [email protected]
Junior Chamber International (JCI). the organisation headquarters are in the US and the organisation runs in different countries around the world. It is an international organisation that runs different projects to support the community and empower young people to make positive change. Would like to get more information about JCI, please contact our Student Union: [email protected] SIST & JCI partnership aims to support our educational mission into hosting workshops, conferences and trainings.SIST students can benefit from attending seminars and participate into certified programmes.

How do I join SIST?

SIST offers fantastic learning and growth opportunities for students across the world. You will be pleased to hear that we have 2 intakes at SIST, you can either join us in October or in January. To apply for the upcoming intake, we invite you to visit the admission page here >>



El Mehdi Benmoussa – Bachelor in Marketing Student

My ambition was to embrace new challenges and seeking change in every single opportunity I seize. I have chosen a British Education system in the heart of Morocco to let my creativity flows and expand the scope of my knowledge to reach an international dimension.
Soufiane Dell Testimonial

Soufiane Moubtassim – Bachelor Graduate

Operational Team Lead at EMC Dell
I was just like you, looking forward to the best job market opportunities. Perhaps it takes a bit of time, but with determination and ambition, I'm sure you'll be very talented to get your dream job or to build up your own company. There is more to discover as you are freshly graduated, so keep believing in your capabilities and never give up.
unnamed (2)

Hicham Saadi, MBA Graduate

CEO at Connective Market
"Contribution cannot be valued by quantity. The presence of this very institution is by itself a contribution of many people to the development of higher education in Morocco."
unnamed (1)

Mehdi Benazouz – Bachelor in IBM Graduate

Branch Manager at Palms Palace limited .
“I am honoured to have received a scholarship, thanks to SIST, this year. I feel very honoured and privileged. It has allowed me to concentrate more on my studies and without having to worry about financing my studies in the UK.”

Sami Habibi – BSc (Hons) Software Engineering Graduate

HSSE Specialist at Masen
“My studies at SIST helped me get the tools and skills to manage projects and analyze risks. I also gained skills that helped me manage and lead a team of ten bright individuals who are leading in total around 500 employees. I use English in my current job especially because I work with people from Korea and Japan and more.”

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