What Students Are Saying About SIST

Nour Mahmoudi – Lead Volunteer at Operation Smile Casablanca, Morocco

“I never thought I would get a chance concerning the EU- METALIC Scholarship, but when I did I got full of hopes and motivation for the future”

“I was not at first sure that I would be given a chance to prove what I am capable of, but when I did I got filled with positive vibes.

With the help of the administration and some of my classmates I got to fill in and by then get accepted in order to participate into that exchange programme with getting scholarship”

Sonia fellah – “I am thrilled to have been awarded with this unique opportunity and I am determined to thrive for making this experience one of the most memorable of my life”

“Getting the EU Metallic scholarship was for me the pinnacle of years of work and dedication. After graduating from high school it was time for me to make a decision about my future and enrolling SIST was the only chance I had to receive a British education and eventually, earn the scholarship that would allow me to finish my studies in the UK.

I do not believe in the existence of luck. Obtaining the scholarship was for me a reward for my efforts and one more reason to constantly fuel my motivation and feed my hunger for self-accomplishment. I am thrilled to have been awarded with this unique opportunity and I am determined to thrive for making this experience one of the most memorable and enriching of my life so far.”

Mehdi Benazouz – Branch Manager at Palms Palace limited London, United Kingdom

“I am honored to have received scholarship Thanks to SIST this year. I feel very honored and privileged. It allowed me to concentrate more on my studies and not to have to worry about financing my studies in the UK. Receiving this scholarship and being recognised for my accomplishments demonstrates to me that someone believes in me and feels that it is important to be a lifelong learner”


Mohamed Sekkat – Student Union Vice President Year 2012

“In my capacity as Student Union Vice-President, I enjoy helping students achieve results through gaining various competencies and skills not usually covered by the courses we get. I believe that we achieve far more by enriching our knowledge through self development while working in teams. I am proud to be in the heart of students preoccupations helping in anyway I can. The resources that we as Student Union Team manage give us great opportunity to get involved in many valuable academic but most importantly extra-curricula activities, so we can be ready for the real work challenges.”

Yasmin Kadiri  – Casablanca, Morocco

« I am currently a second year student in SIST. I’ve majored in marketing, a field which interests me greatly, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to study in English, an option I didn’t think I could have. Due to my American background, I knew I would’ve struggled if I hadn’t found SIST. This British School is easy to integrate, and after the first year I felt like I’d always been there. With their extensive clubs and associations, one is sure to find something they’re passionate about here.”

With the help of the administration and some of my classmates I got to fill in and by then get accepted in order to participate into that exchange programme with getting scholarship”

Kawtar Baraka – Responsable marketing et communications chez Culture Moto, Casablanca, Morocco

“I have always believed that education is the best investment one may make, even if we cannot put a price for learning. I can safely say that I have grown a lot through the experiences I have had doting my enrichment time at the university. The combination of the adequate knowledge, the art of delivering along with the proper environment and atmosphere made this whole experience a pleasure more than it was my duty. I am honored to be a SIST (Cardiff met) student, and I am thankful for all the opportunities I have been given”.

Souhaila Lakrad – Casablanca, Morocco

“After high school, when I was asked what I wanted to do, I always said that in the perfect world I’d study abroad, in England. I never thought the opportunity to find England in Morocco would present itself until I found SIST. Not only is the entire education system that of a British School, but the international students and extra curricular activities made it feel as though I truly had traveled and was studying in the UK. I consider myself lucky to have found my little England and I’d encourage anyone to come study here if they wish to experience abroad without actually having to pay the costly plane ticket. “


Susan Basmaji
Düsseldorf, Germany

“BA Business Management Class of ’17 I had some of my Best Years at SIST Tangier … The Modules are Great with a lot of knowledge, The atmosphere is to Die for, The Staff is Helpful and Understanding and the Activities and Events are fun …”

Naoufel EL Khomsi 

“I have integrated OS Agency as a Digital Marketing Intern. OS Agency is a 360° Communication agency, specialized in print, digital marketing, design, interior design and more. 

Since the first day, I have been part of a great team, tackling new opportunities through daily meetings with clients, presentations and execution of tasks related to Digital Marketing and what not.

I have been there for almost 2 months now, and I have learned almost everything related to Community Management, and they are encouraging me to learn about SEO optimization, and get certified in Google Analytics.

I consider myself lucky finding such great people to work with, in a wonderful goal oriented atmosphere that pushes me to better myself professionally as well as on a personal level.”


Rim El youssfi – Casablanca, Morocco

“I had the chance to have a month internship (from 12/06/2017 till 12/07/2017) in a Moroccan Ship Agency “GLOBAL CONTAINER AGENCY”, a partnership of two of the most solid shipping groups “ARKAS & ROMEU GROUP” with a multinational presence across Europe, Africa and America Continents. To better understand their mission I spent the first week discovering their supply chain, from the client’s order to the delivery.

I realised that many study skills I’ve discovered during my learning are applied in the work environment, such as brain storming, group work, problem solving…etc 

With this excellent opportunity, I had the chance to put into practice many things I have learned in my studies. Moreover, I showed my motivation about this internship, Self discipline since I was respecting agency’s rules. I had a plan for the realisation of the report where I scheduled each part with its essential ideas and period to be done in. Self-confidence since I was observing and asking the stuff significant questions about their activity. I applied my good studies’ habits and positive attitude. This whole experience allowed me to set clear objectives for a successful future.

At the end I would like to thank the agency’s stuff and director for such a beautiful experience as well as the university’s stuff and director for the help and the interest they provided  to me in person.”


My ambition was to embrace new challenges and seeking change in every single opportunity I seize. I have chosen a British Education system in the heart of Morocco to let my creativity flows and expand the scope of my knowledge to reach an international dimension.

El Mehdi Benmoussa – Bachelor in Marketing Student

I was just like you, looking forward to the best job market opportunities. Perhaps it takes a bit of time, but with determination and ambition, I'm sure you'll be very talented to get your dream job or to build up your own company. There is more to discover as you are freshly graduated, so keep believing in your capabilities and never give up.

Soufiane Moubtassim – Bachelor Graduate

Operational Team Lead at EMC Dell
Soufiane Dell Testimonial
"Contribution cannot be valued by quantity. The presence of this very institution is by itself a contribution of many people to the development of higher education in Morocco."

Hicham Saadi, MBA Graduate

CEO at Connective Market
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“I am honoured to have received a scholarship, thanks to SIST, this year. I feel very honoured and privileged. It has allowed me to concentrate more on my studies and without having to worry about financing my studies in the UK.”

Mehdi Benazouz – Bachelor in IBM Graduate

Branch Manager at Palms Palace limited .
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“My studies at SIST helped me get the tools and skills to manage projects and analyze risks. I also gained skills that helped me manage and lead a team of ten bright individuals who are leading in total around 500 employees. I use English in my current job especially because I work with people from Korea and Japan and more.”

Sami Habibi – BSc (Hons) Software Engineering Graduate

HSSE Specialist at Masen