Graduation Ceremony

SIST celebrates every year the graduation of students from The degrees of BA (Bachelors), MBA (Master of Business Administration), and MAE (Master of Education) graduates are conferred with their degree by the Vice –Chancellor of Cardiff Metropolitan University, Professor Antony J Chapman.

The graduation ceremony takes place every year around September.

SIST graduates share the moment of their achievement and success with their parents, classmates, and friends in an institutional atmosphere with the presence of many honoured guests.

Graduation Ceremony

  • Dr.Tariq Obaid (President of SIST)
  • Professor Antony J Chapman (Vice-chanccelor of Cardiff Metropolitan University)
  • Karen Betts (Her Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador to Morocco)
  • John Mitchell O.B.E. (Country Director British Council)
  • Dr Mohamed Loutfi (Pro Vice Chancellor, International Office, Cardiff Metropolitan University)
  • Mohamed Abou saleh (the secretary general of the higher education ministry)

SIST graduates ‘determination to achieve their goals are obviously demonstrated in their efforts during their studies and the graduation ceremony is a recognition of their efforts.