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There are so many misconceptions about success, even the word itself .“Success” is not understood by just about anyone. If you ask most people about what success is, they will probably tell you something related to achieving a certain level of money of material wealth, car or house. But In my opinion, success is not nothing but just achieving your goal. To be successful, you have to jump. Jumping is the hardest thing for people to do but you have to jump and if you never jump you will never be successful.
Nowadays, in the world of digital marketing, you can let your money work for you by unlocking multiple streams of passive income. This can be achieved in multiple ways for example building a blog that generates ad revenue, self-publish eBooks on marketplaces or even creating affiliate websites that passively earn commissions.
If you’re looking to start your own e-commerce business but you’re hesitant to jump the bandwagon due to whatever limitations you find yourself in, then allow me to share with you some tips and my own experience that will inspire you to pull the trigger.
If you’re ready to be inspired, then read on…

One of the biggest advantages of online entrepreneurship is it doesn’t matter who you are or what you did in the past. All that matters is what you do after you made the decision to enter your chosen industry.
It all started with an online shop. Little did I know at the time that selling watches online was going to be my first introduction to e-commerce. I just wanted to be a part of the e-commerce industry, which was my dream. At that time, I had no idea about creating an online store, so the only platform in which I can sell was Avito. This was my introduction into ordering and managing inventory, fulfilling orders, providing customer service and marketing. I wanted to be able to do everything myself. And since I needed to promote myself I needed to build a website. So I taught myself how to build a website and learn new skills in order to push my business forward. When I first started my website it wasn’t really good and I didn’t have much experience in the field. Over time, I got better and better and just learned things as I went along. I also didn’t know anything about marketing a business. So I started learning about facebook ads from setting up an account to creating the first campaign. Facebook was and still is a powerful tool to promote and advertise my products online and with this tool I became better and more comfortable with marketing and selling without feeling sleazy . One Year later, I wanted to sell products globally as a dropshipper on
Dropshipping is a method in which the store does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer (See the figure below).

The Drop shipping Model

eBay is one of the most popular companies on the internet. It is a platform where dropshippers display their products to members of the public. In order to make dropshipping works on eBay, you need to get the right suppliers. This is the first step which you need to take as someone who is planning to venture into eBay dropshipping. The supplier you choose will determine your level of success.
When finding a supplier, there are factors which you need to consider. Some of them are:
1.Reputation of wholesalers.
2.Reviews that it has got (compare positive against negative reviews).
3.The price of its products.
4.Timely delivery.
5.Total cost.

We are all aware that the beginning of venture is always the hardest and like majority of dropshipper, I really struggled. In my first months, I made 3 sales. It was a big test of patience and toughness to deal and become better but as to the old quote would say, “ A Smooth Sea never made a skilled sailor “
Having an online store has a lot of benefits; one of the main advantages of having an online business is that you break the physical barriers.
You are open to the world: You do not depend on the number of people passing through your street or the number of brochures you have delivered to mailboxes. From the Internet you can sell to the world.
Lower costs: there is no doubt, the costs of opening an online store are much lower than if you had to open a local business.
New sales options: If you have a shop, dropshipping allows you to open new lines of products and diversify your revenue streams without making a big investment. Remember that the key is to find a winning product.
No schedules: Having an online store especially one that doesn’t carry inventory gives you the freedom to plan out your days the way you want to and work from wherever you want.
Tips to run your online business smoothly
How you manage your business online will depend on the products or services you offer. You may be able to use the internet to:
Run an online shop.
Manage your suppliers.
Communicate with your customers, and get their feedback on your business offer.
Manage your finances, such as online banking and tax.
Research competitors.
Key Takeaways
1.A couple of key points that are present across this entire article.
2.It’s important that you love what you do: Be invested. Be present. And be the best you can be.
3.Failure is not a bad thing: If you learn from it, and continue to move forward, it can lead to great things.
You need to want it: Entrepreneurship, along with many things in life, can be tough. You want it bad? Prove it.

Rachid Rouchdi
A year 3 International Business Management student

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