It’s high time to stop worrying about the right university for you. Whether you are an international student who aspires to carry on his studies in Morocco or a Moroccan student who wants to study within the British education system, SIST opens the door for your first step in starting an international career. Thanks to its British programmes and partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University, the British degree you obtain by studying at SIST is internationally recognised.

SIST exchange programmes facilitate the integration of students from other international universities in Europe and in the UK. Every year, SIST receives many international students and also provides assistance to Moroccan students who want to pursue their higher education abroad.

Moroccan students:

Our partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University allows the possibility for SIST students to transfer to Cardiff at anytime they want. Since 2014 more than 20 SIST students have transferred to Cardiff Metropolitan University. Studying at SIST creates priceless opportunities.

Erasmus+ is a programme that allows students to apply for a scholarship and there are a variety of universities where you can continue your studies.

International students

SIST has more than 35 different nationalities;creating a rich and diverse studying environment the door to SIST is wide open to all international students.

You will never feel homesick at SIST. There is always a room for cultural exchange and you can always represent the country where you come from at our cultural events like the Global Village.

The partnership of SIST with Eu-Metalic scholarship allows the student to take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad and lead an international career.

Obtaining both the Moroccan and the British degree will solidly boost your profile and act as an added value to pave your path to success.