Morocco is a gateway to Africa and the Arab world. It is a meeting point for civilizations and continents, situated on the northwest tip of Africa, and is a melting pot where different nationalities coexist with one another in serenity and peace.

Morocco is the most westerly of the North African countries, collectively known as the Maghreb, the Arab West. No-one can deny the geographical diversity and richness of Morocco, a country that mesmerises the whole world. The captivating charm of the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, the vast mountainous forests, and the glittering Sahara give Morocco a unique character.

The distinct areas of Morocco make for differing climates across the country, so that it is a good destination all year round. The shining sun labels the weather of Morocco and beautifies and lightens the majestic Moroccan landscape.

The fabulous popular culture of Morocco is well demonstrated in the numerous different art and music festivals that are held throughout the year. Celebrations and events pepper the Moroccan calendar and add a new dimension to the daily life of any visitor.

Morocco is the most diversified country in Africa and this diversity touches not only the culture but also the roots, religions and languages which together create an ambience that allows foreigners to feel at ease and that Morocco is their second home.

Hospitality and tolerance are emblems of Morocco which illuminate the reception of foreigners and visitors, leading them to integrate smoothly in the magical Moroccan atmosphere.

Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier and Marrakech are the most diverse cities in Morocco and are greatly enriched by a historical background exhibited in countless museums, galleries and monuments. This preserves the cultural heritage of Morocco and mirrors its modern face. The outstanding high-tech malls and amenities of these cities also mark Morocco as one of the most attractive destinations for investment.

SIST has chosen Morocco because of its fusion of Arab, European and African cultural influences. Morocco has always been an attractive destination for foreign investment and projects. The Moroccan economy is enriched by the presence of numerous multinational companies, evidence of a remarkable development progress, and regarding its striking topography, vibrant culture, and distinctive history, Morocco is an ideal destination for cross-cultural interchange and learning. The huge foreign investments launched in Morocco shed light on a promising future for international students.