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Slide Bienvenue à SIST British Education Université Partenaire De Cardiff Metropolitan University Pendant 20 ans, SIST a fourni une éducation britannique aux étudiants marocains ainsi que des diplômes (Bachelor, Masters et MBA) provenant de Cardiff Metropolitan University et reconnu à travers le monde. Accès à une éducation de haute qualité au Maroc  Opportunité d’obtenir une bourse pour la dernière année au Royaume-Uni 95% de nos diplômés sont embauchés moins de 6 mois après l’obtention de leurs diplômes 100% de nos programmes sont enseignés en anglais avec l’option de passer par une année préparatoire pour les étudiants non-anglophone. Lire Plus


In support of SIST British Education

"..Acknowledge the significant and meritorious contribution SIST has made over the past 18 years.." "The 250 new Cardiff Met graduates (2019) acknowledge the significant and meritorious contribution SIST has made over the past 18 years to Morocco’s socio-economic development, and in particular the important role that SIST’s partnership, 10 years old now with Cardiff Metropolitan University. has been nurturing Morocco’s talented next generation over the last decade." Mr Tony Reilly – Director British Council Morocco. "Our degrees from Cardiff Metropolitan that each of you will now hold are quite rightly renown throughout the world." “The Degrees that you are getting, our degrees from Cardiff Metropolitan, that each of you will now hold, are quite rightly renown throughout the world, and we at the university are very careful to ensure that our partners are able to deliver a very high standard of University education and this is certainly the case with SIST." Prof. David Brooksbank - Dean of Cardiff School of Management. Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK "Education is a journey.. it is the future of your country; it is the future of the economic development of your country." “Education is a journey; it takes you from nothing to something, it is the most important gift we can give ourselves and our children, it is the future of your country, it is the future of the economic development of your country. It is, for you, the way in which you develop yourselves and become the people you can be. It is a way of developing yourselves and achieving your potential. Education is everything.“ HE Thomas Reilly - British Ambassador UK Embassy in Morocco

Slide Nous fournissons une éducation dont la qualité est garantie Le système éducatif britannique est bien connu pour être situé parmi les meilleurs du monde.
Nos programmes (Bachelor et Master) sont modérés par Cardiff Metropolitan University pour obtenir un diplôme publique britannique.
Année Préparatoire 1er Cycle : Année Préparatoire Programme d’entrée pré-universitaire pour les étudiants dotés d’un baccalauréat. Programme à temps plein incluant une immersion linguistique dans la langue anglaise et permettant aux étudiants de s’adapter au système éducatif britannique. Etude de 1er cycle 1 er Cycle: Bachelor (BA/BSc) Cardiff Metropolitan University garantit que l’éducation fournie par leurs partenaires, incluant SIST, est identique à celle fournie dans leur campus. Les étudiants de SIST sont éligibles pour une bourse complète couvrant la 3ème année au Royaume-Uni. Plus de 60 étudiants ont déjà bénéficié de cette bourse. Etude de 3ème cycle Master of Business Administration - MBA Ce diplôme grandement respecté est reconnu mondialement. Votre talent de leadership et votre potentiel en management sont garantis d’être amélioré. Voir tous les programmes

Slide "The staff is very friendly and helpful! SIST has provided me with a multicultural environment where I have studied with students from different backgrounds and nationalities. I had the chance to benefit from the partnership of SIST with Cardiff Metropolitan University, the university of the year in Wales. It is a wonderful opportunity for students who want to complete their third year in the UK! I am delighted to be a member of the SIST family and to have been transferred to get my bachelor degree at Cardiff Metropolitan University!" Imane Oueldbenazzouz BA (Hons) Business Management Pathway Marketing. What Our Students Say Slide "When applying for the Bachelor program at SIST, I knew I would have a unique and unforgettable experience. However, everything was above my expectations! Throughout this experience, I gained a varied insight into different aspects of business, particularly in Marketing. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn alongside such professionals in the industry." Imane Benlimam BA (Hons) Business Management Pathway Marketing What Our Students Say Slide "As I enter my third and final year at SIST, I can't help but look back happily at the time I have spent here. I am originally from the UK and relocated to Morocco in order to study at SIST. I was looking for adventure whilst striving to achieve a British degree in business with finance, and SIST has been able to deliver. The teachers are fantastic and provide a high quality learning environment and teach the British curriculum extremely well. Studying with my fellow classmates has also been a wonderful experience. The university also proivdes fun extra curricular activites to ensure that all students enjoy their years studying here. SIST has helped me grow individually in more ways than one, and I would highly reccomend them to anybody I speak to who is looking to study the British curriculum and study abroad in a culture rich country!" Samantha Jesson BA (Hons) Business Management Pathway Finance What Our Students Say


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