Casablanca is Morocco’s chief port and industrial centre. The 2012 census recorded a population of about 4 million in Casablanca and about 5 million in the region of Grand Casablanca. Casablanca is considered the economic and business centre of Morocco, while the national capital is Rabat. 

As a foreign student, Casablanca will most likely be the first city you visit when you arrive at Mohammed V International Airport. Students who inhabit the largest city in Morocco will find Casablanca to be the perfect blend of modern and cultural life. Graduates of SIST Casablanca will benefit enormously as it is the home to numerous domestic and multinational companies such as P&G, Unilever, HP and Dell, making it the main business centre with half of factories, investments, and commercial operations, and with half of Morocco’s banking transactions taking place in the city.

Students can enjoy the Islamic architect of Hassan II Mosque, the 7th largest of the world, then take a walk down the Corniche to visit the beach and numerous restaurants offering a variety of local and international cuisine. Movie lovers can enjoy up to date movies in Megarama and Imax. Other attractions include Anfaplace Shopping Centre, Casablanca Twin Centre and Morocco Mall, the biggest shopping centre in Africa boasting its own beautiful aquarium.

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Located on the Atlantic coast in the north-west of Morocco, Rabat is the product of cultural exchanges between an Arab-Muslim past and Western modernism.

Rabat is the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, and the seat of the Moroccan government. It is a city of knowledge with an extensive network of academic institutions, ministries and embassies.

Rabat is a learning environment itself. Culturally rich with a diverse population, attracting many different ethnic, cultural and religious groups that have settled in the city throughout its long history. With this in mind, many administrative procedures have been simplified for foreign investors, students and tourists.

It was voted by CNN as the second top travel destinations of 2013 and Rabat city has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Mawazine, a music festival, is held every year featuring Moroccan and international singers such as Maroon 5, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Pitbull, Shakira, Justin Timberlake, Stromae and many others.

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Tangier, a Moroccan port city on the Strait of Gibraltar has been a strategic gateway between Africa and Europe since Phoenician times. Its whitewashed hillside medina is home to the Dar El Makhzen, once the palace of the sultans and now transformed into a museum of Moroccan artifacts. The medina also has dozens of outdoor cafes, such as those along the Terrasse des Paresseux, a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Tangier is now a major economic and cultural hub in the region. It enjoys an ideal geographical location for investment. Located about fifteen kilometers from Spain, it is the first passenger port of Morocco, and the region offers a competitive infrastructure in continuous development.

The mix of cultures has created a colorful and rich society, famous for its world-class & legendary hospitality, as well as beautiful architecture. This diversity has also lead to various international investments and the city has become one of the most important industrial centres in Morocco, home to various industrial zones and one of the largest ports in Africa.

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