Welcome to the 1st established British institute running Cardiff Metropolitan University programmes in Morocco and awarding double degrees (Two degrees)

Public British Degree: Inlernalionally
A Recognized. Allows graduate lo conlinue his
studies or work in any country in the world.

Private Moroccan (BAC+3/BACG+5):
Accredited by the Ministry of Higher
Education in Morocco.

The British Higher Education system starts with the Foundation Year programme for international students and leads to the undergraduate Bachelor programmes followed by the Postgraduate Masters programmes. Following graduation, students decide if they wish to continue their studies with a PhD or start working in the job sector. 94.8% of Cardiff Met graduates are working or continuing their studies within 6 months of graduating.

Start in Morocco, Continue in the UK (Optional)

SIST Students have the option to transfer to the UK at any time of their studies. Most of our students choose to study their Bachelor programme in Morocco and opt for a specialised Masters degree at Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK. Students are free to complete their university studies here in Morocco and obtain both Bachelor and Masters Degrees from Cardiff Metropolitan University. Without leaving Morocco, the student is granted the same British Degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University and are invited to attend the graduation ceremony in Cardiff city in the UK.

SIST offers the following programmes:


All classroom sessions at SIST are conducted in English. Hence, students need a working knowledge of the English language to be able to study in English. However, we realise that there are some students who may face difficulty trying to study in English. The International Foundation Year equips you with the ability to use English in the classroom and pursue your studies after BAC / Secondary School in English. The Foundation Year programme also aims to equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to conduct academic research and deliver exceptional presentations.


The NCC International Foundation Year at SIST will ensure you guaranteed access to prestigious universities in the UK in accordance with UK’s higher education norms and in partnership with a consortium of universities of international renown.

During the NCC international foundation year, a tailor-made high-quality academic programme is designed for our students according to their vision to allow them direct entry to several high-level programmes and disciplines or fields of study.


SIST has partnered with Cardiff Metropolitan University to ensure you enjoy an exceptional learning experience. We work to inculcate the Cardiff Met EDGE, which refers to a series of Digital, Entrepreneurial, and Ethical skills, so that you develop the necessary confidence and toughness, and also be well-prepared for the real world that you will enter after graduating. Our bachelor programmes include International TradeMarketing ManagementFinance Management,  Human Resources Management and BSc Software Engineering.


Across our three academic campuses, you can enrol in a variety of postgraduate programmes. We also offer research-based programmes at SIST, and you can find out more about it by visiting our Admissions page.

At SIST, we make it a point to ensure you receive the best quality education that will help improve your employability and become business leaders in a globalised world. Our courses are designed to equip you with skills that help you succeed after you graduate and enter the global workforce.


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British Degree
Recognized Globally

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Transfer to the
UK at anytime

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International Career Opportunities

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100% English
Taught Programme

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High Employability
with Multinationals

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Student Comes
First Policy.

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UK Quality Assured

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Alumni Support

SIST Graduates High Employability

Our graduates receive consistent support from the admission process to the employment process. SIST holds yearly Job Fair inviting multinational businesses operating in English in Morocco to introduce to our students.

Global businesses run their operations in English in different countries. Morocco is no different, this for Moroccan students open doors to new work opportunities and business ventures. The majority of our students are trilingual, speaking fluently in Arabic, French and English.

Here’s why SIST is your best chance at employment:

  • 100% of our students undergo a Placement Internship in their 2nd year Bachelor (L5)
  • Students study Work Placement with Personal Development to ensure they are well trained on job search and they have a competitive CV and LinkedIn Profile in their 2nd year (L5).
  • Some of our students receive job offers after their 2nd year Internship and spend the 3rd year (L6) studying and working simultaneously.
  • Multinationals in Morocco reach out to SIST with English Speakers job offers to hire from SIST graduates.
  • Yearly Job fair to meet with HR Directors from multinational companies such as OPPO, ARAMEX and DELL.

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